The Top 20 Songs That I’ve been Listening to in 2016

This is another one of my end of year lists that I’m doing. The first was a Top 20 K-Pop songs, the next will be a list of albums I’ve been listening to a lot this year. Like with my K-Pop songs list, all songs on this list must have been released this year, as well as being limited to one entry per artist/group. They will also be in no particular order.

1. Carly Rae Jepsen- “Fever”

“Fever” is a track that gets in your head and stays there, but you don’t really get very mad at it. It opens with a fantastic beat that sounds like it could have come directly from a Casio. It’s great for people like me who want to listen to nothing but 80’s new wave and synth pop. Plus lyrically, it feels pretty dang realistic for someone who doesn’t have the best of luck with relationships (hi).


2. Tonight Alive- “Human Interaction”

I discovered Tonight Alive back in 2011-2012. The first song I heard by them was the track “Amelia” and I haven’t looked back since. I was more excited to see them live than I was about Mayday Parade (the headliners). “Human Interaction” is the lead single off of their third album Limitless, and was released as a single last October. This album has a far more different vibe than their previous two, being far more synth-sounding and introspective lyrically. It doesn’t mean that they completely ditch their pop punk roots, but with “Human Interaction” you can tell that Jenna and the boys were drawing less inspiration from the pop punk side, and more from the spiritual elements of their own lives.


3. DNCE- “Truthfully”

I was not looking forward to the idea that Joe Jonas was going to be a part of my life musically again when I heard that he had a band (I always liked Nick more tbh). But the more I listened to what DNCE were putting out, the more I started digging it. So I gave their debut album a listen through one morning while I was getting ready for school, and I fell in love with this song. While I may not fully relate to this song lyrically, I relate enough for this song to have staked a spot in my most played playlist. I love the kind of laid back acoustic vibes in combination with the kind of rawness of Joe’s voice, especially towards the end.


4. James Arthur- “Say You Won’t Let Go”

I love James Arthur with a passion I almost only ever reserve for sleep and Harry Potter. I nearly always had his first album on repeat when he first released it. Then he vanished from the scene sometime after it’s release and I wondered where he went but assumed that he had good reasons for his disappearance. So when I found out that he released a new album and there was a whole new 17 songs for me to listen to on repeat for hours (which I did). But this song is the reason I even found out about this new material. Not to mention it’s just so gosh dang pretty.


5. dodie- “Sick of Losing Soulmates”

If you haven’t heard of Dodie Clark, I suggest you go check her the fuck out. She is just the most adorable little YouTuber I’ve ever seen. Not to mention her original songs and covers are just incredible (a personal favourite is the song “She”). This is the single off of her first EP and is just so gosh dang pretty, yet kinda heart-wrenching at the same freaking time. I think I had this song on repeat for nearly 4 hours, and not once did I get sick of it.



This is the opening theme for the anime Yuri!! on Ice. I didn’t start watching the anime until it was about 9 episodes in and I nearly cried at how much I freaking loved it. My mom started getting really frustrated with how much I was talking about a gay, Japanese, figure skating, cartoon. But through my need to see this anime came the discovery of one of the most uplifting songs I have ever heard. Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” is great, but nothing makes want to achieve my dreams more than the opening theme of an incredibly gay (incredibly well animated) anime.


7. Bridgit Mendler- “Do You Miss Me at All”

I have a fondness for Disney stars. Mostly just because a majority of my childhood was dominated by family channel. Which was the name for the Disney channel in Canada. So I tend to still listen to Disney stars whether or not I’m actually interested in them. The thing about Bridgit is that I genuinely end up liking a majority of the stuff she puts out. She falls into this kind of trippy, hazy sound with lyrics that kind of scream to my emotionally repressed soul.


8. Far East Movement- “Freal Luv ft. Tinashe & Chanyeol”

I hadn’t really listened to Far East Movement since they released “Like a G6”. So I was a touch surprised and baffled at the discovery that they were still releasing music. The reason I heard about it is because of Chanyeol who is featured on the song and is a rapper in the K-Pop group EXO. So because I enjoy listening to Chanyeol do his thing and Tinashe is always a selling point, I gave this song a listen. And it reminded me of absolutely nothing like “Like a G6”. I enjoyed this song because of the catchy hook sung by Tinashe, I liked it because of the rapping that Chanyeol did. And I liked it because of the incredible beats and work of the guys of Far East Movement.


9.Niall Horan- “This Town”

I was a huge Directioner in my tail years of middle school, but very quickly fell out of love with them, finding things that I liked far better. So when I found out that Zayn had left and the group was going on hiatus, I didn’t care all that much. So it actually took me a little while after this song’s release to even hear it. Not that it bothered me very much. But when I finally got around to listening to this song, I remembered why I actually liked Niall more than the other boys in the group. I like his more laid back feel. I like how Irish he sounds when he’s singing. I like the fact that frankly his voice isn’t nearly as grating upon my ears as Harry Styles’ voice. I just really like Niall and his guitar.


10. Little Mix- “Shoutout to My Ex”

These girls are my third X Factor UK alum on the list. Which I think just proves the fact that they can pull and promote great talent (except Louis Walsh). These girls may have had their struggles on the show (not making it as soloists, being forced to figure out group dynamics in less than a week, a name change,etc.,etc.), but they managed to overcome them to do phenomenally well on the show, then have a great career afterwards. This track they debuted on the X Factor, and is off of their album Glory Days. It’s a fantastic song to say “F*** you!”, to your dickwad of an ex. And that is precisely why I love it.


11. MGK- “Bad Things ft. Camila Cabello”

I have always had an enjoyment of rap music, but only ever in small doses, and only by a very select group of people. MGK on the other hand, I could listen to all day, and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of him. As time has gone on, he seems to me to be getting more and more mainstream, which I think is fantastic. I want everyone to be able to listen to his talent. This song is not nearly as ‘risqué’, as some of his other tracks, but if we’re being real, it doesn’t matter. As long as his talent gets shared, who gives a fuck?


12. The 1975- “The Sound”

I love The 1975. I still listen to their debut album on repeat (deluxe version of course). So I was stoked at the release of this one. I like the kind of bubbly build up of the intro, and the very D.I.Y synth vibes of the entire song. Plus guitar solos.Lyrically this song is kind of creepy and stalkery, but when has that ever stopped a song being great? (I’m looking at you “Every Breath You Take”).


13. Panic! at the Disco- “LA Devotee”

It has been nearly 12 years since I first heard “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”, and my love for Panic! has ebbed and flowed over the years. But the kind of acid trip gone wrong feel of this album and in particular this song, really appeals to me. I think it’s because of the whole morbidly magical lyrics that I really just love this song.


14. The Summer Set- “Change Your Mind”

Lyrically this song emulates everything that I want to be as a human. I want to be ethereal and punk rock and the type of person that makes people nervous to talk to me. And the fact that it’s set to this kind of fast pace, happy synth sound, just makes me think that this is the kind of song that might play as I’m approached by the lead male in some 80’s teen movie. And that is precisely what I want this song to be on the soundtrack of my life.


15. Beyoncé- “Formation”

It’s Beyoncé. It’s “Formation”. It’s Lemonade. Enough said.


16. Ariana Grande- “Into You”

This was essentially the song of the summer for me. I listened to it constantly, because whilst Ariana may not have the best voice in the world, she knows how to really work and own the one she’s got. And I think this song is one that highlights that perfectly. Not to mention, lyrically, it’s pretty damn relatable.


17. Shura- “What’s It Gonna Be?”

I discovered Shura last year, through their song “Touch”. This is a far more bubbly sounding song. Lyrically, it’s in a similar vein as “Touch”. And I like the fact that the songs that they release are accompanied by really cool videos. It’s just really fun to kind of sit there and either contemplate your feelings about the lyrics, or just let loose and dance around like an idiot to the beat.


18. JoJo- “FAB.”

JoJo slamming the haters. And all whilst sitting there being a bad bitch. I was probably going to try and include her on this list, no matter what because, well, hey, it’s freaking JOJO!


19. Dami Im- “Sound of Silence”

I was really quite upset that Dami did not win Eurovision with this song. It’s a great song. And frankly I don’t want to piss off more people by saying stuff about the winning song. I will just leave this song here for your enjoyment.


20. Janet Devlin- “The Outernet Song”

The last and final X Factor alum. She was I think one of my absolute favourite ever contestants, just for the sheer fact that she was just so dang cute. All shy and messy, and frankly acting like a completely starstruck 16 year old girl. Which you know she was. Her adorable and quirky personality carries over to her solo work. It’s particularly apparent in this song, from the title, to the way that the message and lyrics are delivered to the listener.


Honorable Mentions. These are from no particular year:

The Dandy Warhols- “Bohemian Like You”

Hayley Kiyoko- “Girls Like Girls”

Ryn Weaver- “Runaway”

CeCe- “Dead2Me”

Janet Devlin- “Suantraí Meisciúil”

Lucy Spraggan- “Last Night (Beer Fear)”

Neil Hilborn- “Clatter”

Hope you enjoyed.

































The Top 20 K-Pop Songs That I’ve Been Listening to in 2016

This year I got really into K-Pop. And I’ve been listening to it pretty damn consistently for the past 12 months or so. Now I’m not an expert about K-Pop, and just because I’ve been listening to it basically non-stop all year does not mean that I understand everything behind K-Pop or anything like that (so please don’t come for me). I just really fucking like the music. That being said, I have been known to go and learn everything about a group I like in like two days, so please don’t be weird about the stuff I know about BTS, GOT7, and EXO.

The songs on this list will be limited to one song per artist/ group, all songs must have been released this year, and will be in no particular order. That’s not to say that I haven’t been listening to songs released in previous years, because I have, but I really wanted to narrow down this list so that it wasn’t 90% stuff released before 2016. Let’s get to it.

1.K.A.R.D- “Oh NaNa”

This song was released December 13 and in the 16 days since it’s release, I have listened to it at least 100 times. It’s a hella catchy song that just makes me want to dance and also sing along (which 10/10 would not recommend). K.A.R.D is a co-ed group, which I believe is not very common. They have 4 members, plus hidden members. It’s really just a song I kinda just like to jam to.


2.SHINee- “Tell Me What To Do”

SHINee is one of those groups that if you start listening to K-Pop, I feel that you just constantly keep getting directed to them and eventually just get sucked into loving. They are a 5 piece boy group that was formed in 2008. This is the lead single off of the repackage of their 5th album “1 of 1”. Now I have been listening to “1 of 1” quite a bit, but as much as I love the 90’s throwback of “1 of 1”, it doesn’t quite resonate with me the same way that the kind of pained, regretful sounds of “Tell Me What to Do” does.


3.EXO- “Monster”

“Monster” is the second single off of EXO’s third album “EX’ACT”. It’s a lot more powerful sounding than the first single “Lucky Ones”. I really like the power behind it and the kind of badass, “don’t-fuck-with-me” vibe it gives off and makes me feel. While it most definitely not my favourite EXO song, I do like it quite a bit, if only for the totally cool video.


4.Blackpink- “Boombayah”

Blackpink debuted this year under YG Entertainment, and is the first girl group to debut under YG since 2NE1. This was the lead single that they released this year and I legit can not stop listening to it. It opens with a very M.I.A vibe in the first words, but that moment just segues into the coolest kind of club/ dance song vibe, whilst maintaining that tough edge that most YG artists are known for. Not to mention the video is just so colourful and fun to watch.


5.Kris Wu- “July”

Not a K-Pop song, but it is done by a former K-Pop idol, so. Kris Wu was once upon a time the leader of EXO-M, the Mandarin subgroup of EXO, that primarily promoted in China. He ended up leaving the group in 2014, 2 years after their debut, due to mistreatment and contract issues. He went on to have a thriving career in China (his home country), releasing singles and acting in television and film, as well as modeling. This is a song he dropped in, I believe November, and I’ve essentially not stopped listening to it since.


6.Mamamoo- “Decalcomanie”

This song is just killing it with the sultry, jazzy, R’n’B vibes. If this is your first time listening to K-Pop or just Mamamoo, this is a fantastic song to do it with. I just fell in love with this song because it feels and sounds so different to pretty much all of the other songs on this list. It almost makes you feel as though you can take on the rest of the world if you are listening to it.


7.BTS- “21세기소녀”

I adore BTS. Adore them. I feel as though I am blessed to exist at the same time as them. This song is not officially a single off of their 2nd full length Korean album, but they did perform it live on the Comeback stage, so whatever. While I love the single “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”, I just love the message and vibe of this song more. Most of the songs on this are about relationships, or breakups, or friendship, this is a song about female empowerment, and is just so freaking catchy.


8.Jay Park- “Aquaman”

It’s a song about going down on a girl. The first time I listened to this song I had to pause it about 30 seconds in just so that I could stop blushing. I think I then paused it a further 4 times during my first listen. I love Jay Park, but there are definitely moments where I can’t really deal with this man. Now I was going to listen to the song anyway because, hey Jay Park, but I definitely gave it priority over “Me Like Yuh” because superheroes. Even if I’m not a huge DC fan, superheroes.


9.Hoody- “Like You”

This is the very first song that I heard from Hoody on her own. And I fucking loved it. She just has this incredible voice and this song shows it off so well. I really don’t think I have the words to really describe this song and do it proper justice.


10.BIG BANG- “에라 모르겠다 (FxxK It)”

This one of the singles off of BIG BANG’s most recent album “MADE” which they dropped this month. It is their last album together before everyone starts taking hiatuses for their military service. It’s a song full of feel good party vibes which is a stark contrast to the other single “Last Dance”. I think it’s a good way to kind of sit there and say, “It’s been a fantastic 10 years, and yeah, we’ll be gone for a bit but we hope that you’ll still be waiting around for us to come back with a (big) bang.”.


11.Agust D- “Agust D”

This is the debut single from Min Yoongi’s debut mixtape that he dropped this August. Min Yoongi is one of the rappers in BTS and goes by the stage name Suga with them. BTS fans (Army’s), have been waiting for his solo mixtape essentially since the groups debut in 2013. He wrote and produced, at for the most part, everything on this mixtape, and he talks about some pretty taboo stuff in some of the songs. And I’m not talking drugs or sex, but about his depression and anxiety, which almost never talked about at all in South Korea.


12.CL- “Lifted”

This is not ‘technically’ a K-Pop song, but it is by CL who is like the Queen of K-Pop. CL is the former leader and rapper of YG Entertainment’s girl group 2NE1. She also had a solid couple of solo songs in South Korea with “MDTB” and “Hello Bitches”. “Lifted” is her American debut song, and it’s pretty fucking lit. I love the fact that it really reminds me of the stuff I grew up hearing as a Canadian, but also that it has this almost toned down K-Pop vibe.


13.f(x)- “All Mine”

I love f(x), and I just adore this song. It is very bubbly and nice in the way that it sounds and in lyrical content. It just sounds like a nice song to listen to when you’re in love. Plus, I would sell my soul to know Amber Liu.


14.SISTAR- “I Like That”

Sistar is one of those groups that I really found myself enjoying when I discovered K-Pop. They’re just really fun and they have really fun songs. This is not one of those fun songs. This is a vibey song about those dickheads that take your feelings for granted and it’s so entertaining to listen to. Also as much as I love Hyolyn and Bora, I love Soyou and Dasom just as much.


15.Twice- “TT”

This song is painfully catchy almost. I can almost guarantee that you will have the hook of this song in your head for hours. It’s a happy, bubbly song about crying over a boy and it almost makes you think that crying over a boy can’t be too bad. Not to mention the strange cuteness of the video will no doubt confuse you, yet make you happy.


16.I.O.I- “Very, Very, Very”

This is even more catchy than “TT”. It’s happy and cute and a massive earworm. It will pop into my head at the most random of moments, and just completely ruin my concentration, not necessarily for the worst. It has helped with preventing me from throwing my math stuff across the room.


17.Taeyeon- “Starlight” ft. DEAN

I almost never stopped listening to this song over the summer. It’s not the most predictable of summer songs, but it’s also not completely strange for a summer song. It’s kind of light sounding, but the way the video goes almost makes it feel super dark.


18.Ailee- “Home” ft. Yoonmirae

This song has gotten so much play from me that it ended up in my most listened to songs of 2016 playlist on Spotify. I just love this song. It’s sultry, it’s powerful, it has a killer video. I just love how this song reminds me of my childhood, whilst not at the same time. I don’t know,  I just really fucking love this song.


19.孟佳Meng Jia- “给我乖 (Drip)”

Also not technically a K-Pop song and I don’t really give a damn. Jia is a member of the group, miss A, under JYP Entertainment (which is why I included her, shh). This song is in Mandarin, and while I have no idea what she’s saying for the most part, I just love the vibe of the entire track.


20.4Minute- “Hate”

This is the lead single off of the very last mini-album put out by 4Minute before there disbandment a few months later. This song is just a sucker punch in the gut for a break up. Like you don’t even need to know Korean to get the chorus, you will just know. So it’s a tiny bit perfect for when you hella mad at a dumb ex.


Plus some honorable mentions. These are from no particular year:

BoA- “Fox”

Jay Park- “Don’t Let Go”

2NE1- “Come Back Home”

Jay Park- “Solo ft. Hoody”

GOT7- “Magnetic”

BTS- “Cypher Pt. 1,2,3,4”

Jay Park- “Joah”

CL- “Hello Bitches”

G-Dragon- “R.O.D ft. Lydia Paek”

Blackpink- “Playing With Fire”

BTS- “First Love”

BTS- “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”

GOT7- “Just Right”


Hoody- “By Your Side ft. Jinbo”

Z.TAO “Hello, Hello ft.Wiz Khalifa”

Hope you enjoyed.


Well… That failed.

Okay. So I was hoping to get the last 11 prompts up before this month rolled around, but clearly I didn’t. I also wanted to do all 31 prompts again this year, possibly with Vera and Nikolaj a year later, or a different set of characters. I really had no idea. But! But, I really want to complete the whole set of prompts in this month.

So, I was thinking about doing a collection of unrelated drabbles for each of these prompts.

If you don’t know what a drabble is, in fanfiction terminology, it’s usually just a short little piece of writing (approx. 300-700 words), that can be any kind of genre; angst, fluff, smut; and any kind of rating; mature, G, PG, explicit. It’s really up to the writer.

Now, I won’t be using real life people as I want to be as respectful of the people that I watch and enjoy the projects of as I can be. I feel far more comfortable using my own characters, as screwing up their personalities bears no real problems. I would feel downright awful if I portrayed the people I respect in a harmful light. Plus, I’d be absolutely terrified if any of them found the things I wrote about them and saw how very twisted my mind can become.

On that note, I am terribly sorry for my inability to complete anything on time, and I do truly hope that you forgive me. Although you probably shouldn’t.



Prompt 20- Demons

Nikolaj could hear a heavy bass beat as he walked up to Vera’s bedroom door. As he got closer, he could hear Jay Park’s voice. He chuckles softly to himself, Vera was just a tad obsessed with Jay Park’s music.

“Knock knock, you K-pop loving weirdo.” Nikolaj gently raps his fingers against the doorjamb into Vera’s room, laughing when she jumps, pressing a hand to her chest. She gives him a half hearted glare before turning back to the thing she was working on. Nikolaj takes a seat on the beanbag near where Vera is sketching out a face and occasionally jotting something down in a notepad next to her sketchbook.

“Whatcha’ doin?” Nikolaj asks in his best impression of Isabella Garcia-Shapiro from Phineas and Ferb.

“Planning my demon costume, as well as some last minute stuff for Michiru. I mean the party is tomorrow.” Vern says, not even sparing Nikolaj a glance. He takes the opportunity to really look at Vera. He rarely gets the chance.

Her hair is thrown up in a messy top knot, showing off her undercut. It looks to be growing in a touch. Nikolaj resists the urge to run his fingers over the new growth. Vera’s head is bobbing to the beat of the song which he barely registers as “좋아Joah“. He smiles because that was the very first Jay Park song the two of them had ever listened to together.

“Nicky, should I do Supernatural style demon eyes or Buffy style demon eyes? I can’t decide.” Vera asks, never looking away from the notepad.

Supernatural. You already have the contacts.” Is his reply, only partially distracted by the way that Vera mouthing along (fairly terribly) to the Korean lyrics of the song. Nikolaj holds back a chuckle when Vera bends forward and bangs her head on her sketchbook. He bites his lip when she turns her head to look at him. Vera smiles, knowing exactly why he’s doing what he is.

“Stop ‘observing’ me, you weirdo. Help me with my costumes and mouth along terribly to Jay Park. I know that you love ‘Girl Friend‘. So just give up now before I’m forced to give you puppy dog eyes and pouty lips.” She laughs, sitting up from her folded over position.

“Fine. But only because if you give me pouty face, all I’ll want to do is kiss you.” Is Nikolas’s response, as he moves to sit down in front of her.

“Later. Couple and group costumes, and awful lip-syncing to Korean hip hop first.” She says, handing him her notebook full of ideas. Nikolaj shakes his head in amusement before starting to follow Vera’s instructions.

(Okay, so I am obsessed with Jay Park. I love him. I mean he was a part of the group 2PM under JYP in South Korea, left the group in 2010, became dancer with AOM (Art Of Movement) dance troupe in his hometown of Seattle, went back to South Korea after his cover of B.O.B’s ‘Nothing On You‘ went viral, opened his own record label (AOMG) and has essentially been dropping bomb ass music since. So yeah, I couldn’t help dropping some songs of his in this. Go listen to him. Especially the two songs I mentioned in this. He has such a smooth as butter voice when he sings and can spit some bomb rhymes when he’s rapping. Not to mention his dancing, and tattoos, and general existence tbh. As for the rest of this, I don’t know. Could be better, could be worse.)

Prompt 19- Vampires

“I don’t give a flying fuck if it’s a joke, I will kill whomever wrote ‘Edward from Twilight‘ as an option for my vampire costume!” Vera turns to face Dakota who looks enraged at the list in her hands. Anna snorts, while Rosie and Daisy try to hide their giggles behind their hands.

Vera just rolls her eyes and plucks the list out of Dakota’s grip. She pulls a pen out of her pocket and crosses out the Twilight suggestion.

“Dakota, there is no need for death threats. We understand that you don’t want to be one of those sparkly abominations. I vote that we do either the AHS vampires or the True Blood vampires, if only because they aren’t nearly that common.” Vera slides the list into a folder on her desk before turning to face everyone in the room.

True Blood. Only because I’ve never seen a single thing from American Horror Story.” Dakota says, leaning against the door jamb of Vera’s bedroom. Vera nods in acknowledgement, staring at Nikolaj who is writing something down in a notebook. Lily notices and slides over to where Vera is leaning against her desk.

“You okay Vee?” Lily’s voice cuts through Vera’s trance, leading the latter to jump and turn her head to face the former.

“Fine Lils. Just stunned still by the fact that he’s actually, officially mine, y’know? It still doesn’t feel quite real.” Is all Vera wants to say on the subject. Lily smiles, happy that Nikolaj and Vera finally got together. She was tired of Vera’s rambling (read: pining) about Nikolaj in the locker room.

(I’m not quite happy with the ending, but everything else I tried just felt even more wrong than this. So. Yeah. This is weird and awful. I apologize for it. Forgive me.)

Prompt 18- Werewolves

Vera had no idea why she liked being the defacto leader and captain of her friend group.

“I can hear you thinking Vee. What’s going on in that strange little head of yours?” Nikolaj asks, looking up from the book in his hands.

“Just about your stupid werewolf costume. I mean, we need to keep it fresh, but there’s only so much you can do before it starts getting ridiculous.” Vera spins around in er computer chair to face Nikolaj. He just chuckles and turns his eyes back to his book.

“So are we doing light, medium, or full coverage this year?” Nikolaj looks back up at Vera who is cupping her face in her palms.

“Medium.” Nikolaj shudders at the memory of the last time they did full coverage. He spent three weeks trying to remove pieces of fake werewolf fur. Vera laughs, clearly remembering the same incident.

“Medium it is.” Is the final word said on the subject.

(Another really short one. I’m not very good at this am I? Oh well. C’est la vie. Heh, I love that song.)

Prompt 17- Ghosts

“We can’t do white sheet ghosts or Supernatural style ghosts again. So start throwing around ideas. Come on.” Vera says, clapping her hands together. Everyone looks at each other before pinning Vera with a look of annoyance and fondness in varying degrees. She simply rolls her eyes and waves her hands in a circular motion, almost as if telling everyone to get a move on.

“There’s always Willow as a ghost from Buffy.” Dakota suggests, shrinking a tad under the eyes of everyone. A smile slowly works its way across Vera’s face while Daisy’s eyes widen.

“I love it. Let’s go for it.” Vera sounds way too happy to dress one of her best friends up in some really tight revealing clothing.

“Vee, I’m not sure if I should do this. I mean what if everyone at school talks about it?” Daisy protests, sounding slightly worried.

“Well then they get to deal with me. Cause I won’t stand for that. And I know for a fact that Alexej won’t stand for it either.” Vera says resolutely, a knowing smile across her lips as Daisy flushes pink at the mention of Alexej.

(So this took me forever to type for no other reason than I am ridiculously lazy. Like it’s a freaking problem. Anyways, I think this could be better. But not too awful (I think). I don’t know to be completely honest. Well, whatever.)